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An Abstract of the Patent Granted by His Majesty King George…
Apicius [De re culinaria Libri I-IX]
Aristotle’s Masterpiece, Or The Secrets of Generation displayed in all the parts thereof
De symmetria partium in rectis formis humanorum
Des aller furtrefflichsten, hoechsten und adelichsten Gschoepffs aller Creaturen
Feldtbuch der Wundartzney
Here begyney ye inventorie or ye collectorye in chirurgicale parte of medicene compiled and complete in ye yere of our Lord...
Historae Rerum Naturalium, Liber Sextus, Qui agit Quadrupedibus, & Serpentibus
La methode curative des playes, et fractures de la teste humaine avec les pourtraits des instruments
Publisher’s Prospectus & Order Form, Icones Anatomicae
Specimen Medicinae Sinicae
The byrth of Mankynde newly translated out of Laten into Englyshe